Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lunch in Madrid

Madrid must be full of insomniacs because the place never sleeps!!!!
It is without a doubt also the busiest city by far. Everyone seems to out and about or packed into one of the thousands of smokey bars.
On our first day exploring this crazy city Miriam was craving seafood for lunch if you still call it that at 4.30pm? We found a bar serving plates piled high with assorted crustations. The inhabitants were munching noisily on crab heads and scampi. When they had extracted meat they just tossed the empty shells on the floor. We decided this was a bit to interactive for us and settled for empanadas and some toasts with a selection of anchovies, baby eel and jamón.

1 comment:

  1. when Miriam asked for seafood I dont think she knew what she was getting herself (and us) into. 30 euros for a veritable mound of molluscs.
    hey guys, there's still time if we're feeling adventurous. pack an apron, nut cracker and a KFC freshener towel. this could get messy.